15. United Airlines NYC Half in New York City am 20. März 2022: Rhonex Kipruto ist der Topstar, Ringer und Motschmann am Start

Für die 15. Ausgabe (3. Ausgabe auf neuer Strecke) des United Airlines NYC Half in New York City haben die Organisatoren von den New York Road Runners beachtliche Elitefelder angekündigt, in denen von deutsche Seite Richard Ringer (GER) sowie Johannes Motschmann (GER) vertreten sind. Topstar des Laufs, der in den letzten beiden Jahren wegen der Corona-Pandemie abgesagt werden musste, ist der kenianische Ausnahmeläufer Rhonex Kipruto (KEN), der den Weltrekord über 10 km mit 26:24 Minuten hält. Rhonex gab sein Debüt über die Halbmarathondistanz im Jahr 2020 in Valencia und lief dort auf Anhieb die Weltklassezeit von 57:49.

Rhonex Kipruto ist der Topstar des NYC Halbmarathon. (c) Atlanta Track Club

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Press Release der Organisatoren:

(22-Feb) — After being cancelled two years in a row due to the pandemic, the United Airlines NYC Half will return on Sunday, March 20, with a world-class elite field which features 24 Olympians and eight Paralympians including USA medalists Galen Rupp and Molly Seidel.  Rupp, 35, ran the race once back in 2011 when he finished third in 1:00:30, while Seidel has never run the race before.  This year’s event will have a total field of 25,000, according to New York Road Runners, the Manhattan-based not-for-profit which is organizing the event.

“The United Airlines NYC Half was my debut at the distance, and was only the second road race of my professional career,” Rupp said through a statement, recalling the 2011 race which he ran after a track meet he was planning on competing in New Zealand was cancelled because of an earthquake.  “I can’t believe that more than a decade has passed since then. It’s wild that the race will be more than double the size it was when I ran in 2011, and I’ve heard the Brooklyn-to-Manhattan course is challenging, but a great tour of the Big Apple. With the World Championships taking place in my home state of Oregon later this summer, I’m looking for the race to be a great stepping stone to everything else I want to achieve in 2022.”

Rupp’s best time is 59:47 set at the point-to-point (but flat) Roma-Ostia race in Italy in 2018.  Seidel, last August’s Olympic Marathon bronze medalist, has a best time of 1:08:29 set in Atlanta a year ago.

The men’s elite field features a mix of top athletes from around the globe.  The fastest is Kenya’s Rhonex Kipruto who has a personal best of 57:49.  Others include Australian Brett Robinson (59:57), Ethiopia’s Teshome Mekonen (1:00:02), Kenya’s Stephen Sambu (1:00:41), Britain’s Ben Connor (1:00:55), and Canada’s Rory Linkletter (1:01:08).  Other top Americans will be Abdi Abdirahman (1:00:29), Conner Mantz (1:00:55), Frank Lara (1:01:00), Biya Simbassa (1:01:08), Sam Chelanga (1:01:04), Jared Ward (1:01:36), and Ben True (1:02:39).  On a frigid day, True won the race in 2018.

The fastest women in the field are Ethiopian Senbere Teferi (1:05:32), Kenyans Irine Cheptai (1:06:43) and Edna Kiplagat (1:07:41), and American Sara Hall (1:07:15).  Hall’s mark is the North American record, set last month in Houston.  Other top competitors include Britain’s Charlotte Purdue (1:08:23) and Steph Twell (1:08:55), Canada’s Andrea Seccafien (1:09:38) and Natasha Wodak (1:09:41), Norway’s Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal (1:09:41), and Kenya’s Sharon Lokedi (1:09:53).  Other USA elites include Diane Nukuri (1:09:12), Dakotah Lindwurm (1:09:36), Lindsay Flanagan (1:09:37), Sarah Pagano (1:09:41), Emma Bates (1:09:44), Kim Conley (1:09:44), Steph Bruce (1:09:55), and Laura Thweatt (1:10:06).

The 2022 edition of the United Airlines NYC Half will use a challenging course which begins in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, before taking the runners over the East River on the Manhattan Bridge then eventually to Central Park in Manhattan.  The point-to-point course is USATF certified, but is not eligible for records because the start and finish are too far apart.  The weather for this event is typically cold.

Professional Athlete Field –  Men’s Open Division

Name Nat. Personal Best
Rhonex Kipruto KEN 57:49 (Valencia, 2020)
Galen Rupp USA 59:47 (Ostia, 2018)
Brett Robinson AUS 59:57 (Marugame, 2020)
Teshome Mekonen* ETH 1:00:02 (Valencia, 2018)
Abdi Abdirahman USA 1:00:29 (NYC Half, 2007)
Stephen Sambu* KEN 1:00:41 (Houston, 2018)
Kirubel Erassa USA 1:00:44 (Houston, 2022)
Ben Connor GBR 1:00:55 (Larne, 2020)
Conner Mantz USA 1:00:55 (Hardeeville, 2021)
Pat Tiernan AUS 1:00:55 (Houston, 2022)
Frank Lara USA 1:01:00 (Valencia, 2021)
Biya Simbassa USA 1:01:03 (Houston, 2022)
Sam Chelanga USA 1:01:04 (Boston, 2013)
Rory Linkletter CAN 1:01:08 (Houston, 2022)
Juan Pacheco MEX 1:01:20 (Gdynia, 2020)
Ed Cheserek KEN 1:01:31 (Newcastle, 2021)
Richard Ringer GER 1:01:33 (Dresden, 2021)
Jared Ward USA 1:01:36 (Houston, 2020)
Reed Fischer USA 1:01:37 (Houston, 2020)
Akira Akasaki JPN 1:01:46 (Ageo, 2019)
Haruka Onodera JPN 1:02:03 (Ageo, 2019)
Mo Hrezi LBA 1:02:08 (Houston, 2022)
Patricio Castillo* MEX 1:02:15 (Valley Cottage, 2021)
Elkanah Kibet USA 1:02:29 (Houston, 2018)
Benjamin de Haan NED 1:02:39 (Newcastle, 2021)
Ben True USA 1:02:39 (NYC Half, 2018)
Johannes Motschmann GER 1:02:42 (Valley Cottage, 2021)
Tariku Bekele* ETH 1:02:59 (Lisbon, 2012)
Tristan Woodfine CAN 1:03:19 (Mission, BC, 2021)
Urgesa Kedir Figa* ETH 1:03:26 (Brooklyn, 2019)
Birhanu Dare Kemal* ETH 1:03:37 (Brooklyn, 2019)
Nick Hauger USA 1:04:28 (Grand Rapids, 2021)
Brendan Martin* USA 1:04:34 (Valley Cottage, 2021)
David Fitzmaurice* IRL 1:05:55 (Duluth, MN, 2021)
Luis Carlos Rivero* GUA 1:06:03 (Las Vegas, 2016)
Ben Toomer* GBR 1:06:35 (Greenville, SC, 2021)
Alberto Mena* USA 1:07:22 (Philadelphia, 2021)
Edward Mulder* USA 1:07:25 (Brooklyn, 2019)
Shadrack Kipchirchir USA Debut (27:07.55 10,000m PB)
Robert Brandt USA Debut (27:39.20 10,000m PB)
Ashenafi Ketema Birhana* ETH Debut (2:15:17 Marathon PB)

Professional Athlete Field –  Women’s Open Division

Name Nat. Personal Best
Senbere Teferi ETH 1:05:32 (Valencia, 2019)
Irine Cheptai KEN 1:06:43 (New Delhi, 2020)
Sara Hall USA 1:07:15 (Houston, 2022)
Edna Kiplagat KEN 1:07:41 (Newcastle, 2012)
Charlotte Purdue GBR 1:08:23 (Marugame, 2020)
Molly Seidel USA 1:08:29 (Atlanta, 2021)
Steph Twell GBR 1:08:55 (Houston, 2020)
Diane Nukuri USA 1:09:12 (NYC Half, 2013)
Dakotah Lindwurm USA 1:09:36 (Houston, 2022)
Lindsay Flanagan USA 1:09:37 (Houston, 2020)
Andrea Seccafien CAN 1:09:38 (Marugame, 2020)
Karoline Grøvdal NOR 1:09:41 (Oslo, 2012)
Sarah Pagano USA 1:09:41 (Henderson, 2021)
Natasha Wodak CAN 1:09:41  (Houston, 2020)
Emma Bates USA 1:09:44 (Shelby Twp, 2020)
Kim Conley USA 1:09:44 (Houston, 2015)
Lauren Paquette USA 1:09:46 (Hardeeville, 2021)
Sharon Lokedi KEN 1:09:53 (Newcastle, 2021)
Stephanie Bruce* USA 1:09:55 (Valley, NE, 2021)
Makena Morley USA 1:09:57 (Hardeeville, 2021)
Maggie Montoya USA 1:10:06 (Houston, 2020)
Laura Thweatt USA 1:10:12 (Houston, 2020)
Daniela Torres MEX 1:10:22 (Gdynia, 2020)
Erika Kemp USA 1:10:25 (Grand Rapids, 2021)
Annie Frisbie USA 1:10:27 (Houston, 2022)
Desiree Linden USA 1:10:34 (Naples, 2011)
Beverly Ramos* PUR 1:12:02 (Valley Cott. 2021)
Grace Kahura* KEN 1:12:49 (New York, NY 2021)
Nuhamin Ashame* ETH 1:13:08 (Hartford, 2019)
Kathryn Fluehr* USA 1:14:01 (Indianapolis, 2018)
Kate Bazeley CAN 1:14:50 (Toronto, 2018)
Caroline Williams* USA 1:14:54 (Indianapolis, 2021)
Sara Vaughn USA 1:15:16 (Fort Collins, 2021)
Erika Fluehr* USA 1:15:46 (Indianapolis, 2018)
Kerry Allen* USA 1:17:45 (Brooklyn, 2017)
Ana Johnson* USA 1:18:14 (NYC Half, 2018)
Alyssa Salese* USA 1:19:32 (Long Island, 2021)
Morgan Lingar* USA 1:20:09 (Brooklyn, 2019)
Cecilia Davis-Hayes* USA Debut (17:06 5K PB)